This blog is about something I love – films.

Films I like, films I don’t like. Things about films I like or don’t. Things I’m excited about. Things I don’t really get, and need to write about so someone can tell me.

I’ve been writing for other sites for a couple of years now, but I’ve wanted to have my own space for ages now. And so here it is.

I’m currently at university, and also have a part time job, so writing here might not always get priority so please have patience.

I added a lot of old reviews I wrote a couple of years back on a Tumblr I started. I stopped writing there when I started writing for ‘a proper website”, which is why there is a two year gap in which it seems I did nothing. I may eventually add some posts of what I was writing in between but we’ll see…

Opinions are always welcome. As is constructive criticism.

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